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Episode 018: Q&A 5: Keeping stress out of your home, talking to your partner about work without bringing in bad feelings, and outsourcing when you can’t afford it.

In episode 18, I answer some great questions viewers had about episodes 14, 15, and 16, concerning how to leave stress from work at the door when you come home, how to tell if that stress is affecting your family, and what to do when you can’t really afford to hire someone to do the […]

Episode 010: Cutting ties and hiring the right people, starting a business on a bootstrap budget, and living a busy lifestyle.

In episode 10, I answer questions about how to distance yourself from clients who bring you down without causing drama, how you can start up a business even if you are short on cash, and why you shouldn’t confuse being busy with being successful. Cutting ties without leaving hard feelings. The way you word it […]