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Episode 053: Q&A 15: Integrating your home and work life, how to adjust when people you love shut down your business, and how to get the best of both worlds in any situation.

In Episode 53, I answer great questions from my interview with Dana and Mark Hatjakes from SOSU TV, as well as amazing questions about how to really get the best of both worlds, such as how to shut down the stream of negative comments when it comes from someone you love and see every day. […]

Episode 050: Q&A 14: Great business education resources, work opportunities to get your family involved, and how to get the life you want if your business won’t quite cut it.

In Episode 50, I talk answer questions from episodes 46 and 48 about business education and how to ensure your business really is the best thing for you and for your family. I also answer some general questions from my followers about parenting advice and inspirations. How to find business education resources. I’m always looking […]

Episode 047: Q&A 13: Why your family cares about business leverage, how to take advantage of technology for the technology impaired, and talking to your kids about why you work crazy hours.

In Episode 47, I answer some great questions from episodes 43 and 45 about business leverage, technology, and getting rid of guilt. If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to talk to your kids or how to take advantage of technology when you’re pretty technologically impaired, this is the episode for you. How does leveraging people, […]

Episode 044: Q&A 12: Finding your calling, being a conscious business owner, and giving gifts without “buying” love.

In episode 44, I answer some great questions from my interview with JV Crum III about how to find your calling and the steps you can take to be a more conscious business owner. I also answer questions about how to talk to your teenagers and how to avoid “buying” your kids’ love when you […]

Episode 041: Q&A 11: Talking to your spouse about your business, getting to manageable hours, and easing into a big growth stage.

In episode 41, I answer some great questions from our interview with Greg Lintz, as well as some questions about episode 39 about keeping your family happy during your business’s growth stage. Avoiding an argument when you talk about your business. It’s common to argue with your spouse about your business. Try to avoid talking […]

038: Q&A 10: Trusting your gut, unlocking the inner optimist, starting a business for the non-business minded, and getting over the fear of failure.

In episode 38, I answer some great questions from our most recent episodes and interviews on what kind of hats parents should and should not wear, how to get the kind of “friends” you want in your life, and explaining a little bit about what a business incubator is and why one may be good […]

Episode 032: Q&A 9: Keeping kids from picking up your bad habits, how to defeat self defeat so your kids don’t pick it up, and a few more awesome toys our listeners love.

In Episode 32, I answer a couple of great questions about how to keep your kids from picking up your bad habits, such as snacking and self defeat, and some general questions about sourcing and custom work. I also talk about some cool suggestions our listeners had about fun toys to bring in to enhance […]

Episode 029: Q&A 8: More about which freelancing sites to use, finding a good freelancer, and personality profiling systems.

In episode 29, I answer a few great questions from episode 24 about outsourcing work without sacrificing quality and episode 25 about using personality profiling to better your business and all your relationships. Freelancing preferences and skills I use different freelancing sites for different projects. Elance, 99 Designs, and oDesk are ones I’ve used recently. […]

Episode 026: Q&A 7: Selling on Amazon without writing or photo skills, while working a 9 – 5 job, and how to select the right category for you.

In episode 26, we bring Chris Shaffer back to answer some of your questions about selling on Amazon. He covers how to handle having limited skills in writing and photography, how to set up a store without a lot of time, product varieties, and categories. Check out Chris’s interview! Before you go on, you may […]

Episode 023: Q&A 6 – Passions into business, how we ask our kids to be perfect, and knowing how to prioritize.

In Episode 23, we answer some awesome questions from the last few weeks, particularly about how to teach our kids to be confident without being cocky, how to manage and prioritize your family and business, and how to handle a client you hate that your partners may not want to get rid of. Make money […]