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Episode 049: Interview with Dana and Mark Hatjakes from SOSU TV: The integration, not just balance, of home and work life.

In episode 49, I interview Dana and Mark Hatjakes, who work hard to help other small businesses thrive while building a video production business of their own. Mark and Dana also have two kids and have a lot of great things to say about balancing their career and their family. It’s not balance – it’s […]

Episode 042: Interview with JV Crum III: Self-made entrepreneur millionaire, best selling author, and certified business coach.

In episode 42, I talk to JV Crum III, who, among a laundry list of other impressive accomplishments, is the founder and CEO of the Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC and host of the Conscious Millionaire Podcast. Money isn’t the answer. At 25, JV had just enough money to realize it wasn’t the answer. This stemmed […]

Episode 037: Interview with Greg Lintz: Being married to an entrepreneur – the stressors, the balance, and the big wins.

In episode 37, I talk to Greg Lintz, who is married to an entrepreneur. Greg talks about the difficulties and challenges, as well as the great rewards, of being married to a woman who started her own business. About Greg. Greg is married to one of my business partners, and he’s got a typical job […]

Episode 036: Interview with Norman Smith: Entrepreneur, parent, and mentor to over 250 startup businesses.

In episode 37, Norman Smith joins us to talk about entrepreneurship and parenting, specifically the biggest challenges and what it takes to succeed. About Norman Norman has 30 years of experience in executive management, specializing in startups, cutting edge innovations, and international business development. He’s founded nine successful startups and assists young startups get going. […]

Episode 034: Interview with Keri Lehmann of SavvyBoheme.com: be genuine, find motivation within, and rest.

In Episode 34, I interview Keri Lehmann, a self-employed parent who runs a skin-care product business, Savvy Boheme, while wrangling three amazing kids. Learn more about Keri’s biggest wins as a parent, as a business owner, and what she does to take care of herself in the midst of it all. Running business for the […]

Episode 026: Q&A 7: Selling on Amazon without writing or photo skills, while working a 9 – 5 job, and how to select the right category for you.

In episode 26, we bring Chris Shaffer back to answer some of your questions about selling on Amazon. He covers how to handle having limited skills in writing and photography, how to set up a store without a lot of time, product varieties, and categories. Check out Chris’s interview! Before you go on, you may […]

Episode 022 – Interview with Chris Shaffer, Part 2 – How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Today.

In episode 22, I finish off the interview with Chris Shaffer, my go-to guy for all things Amazon, with a ton of great information about how you can start selling on Amazon today. Chris has done this for several companies, from break-out brands to huge products with massive audiences. Private label versus retail arbitrage. With […]

Episode 021 – Interview with Chris Shaffer, Part 1 – Why All Entrepreneurs Should Be Selling On Amazon.

In Episode 21, we begin our first interview with Chris Shaffer, my business partner and manager of our Amazon business. Chris will go over why we should be selling on Amazon, which products are best for Amazon, how to sell on Amazon when you don’t have any experience with online sales, and what the future […]