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Episode 054: 5 Real World Project Planning Tips for the Project Planning Impaired.

In episode 54, we cover some great project planning tips that even those of us who are totally impaired at project planning can use to make our lives so much easier. Create perfect “Project Blocks.” Find the “sweet spot” where you can get the most done. If your project block is too big, it gets […]

Episode 046: 3 Real reasons that more education is a must for every business person, especially those who want more for their family.

In episode 46, I talk about the importance of education in your business, both in how it helps you improve as a business person and take care of your family. Not only will it save you time and money in the long run, but it will help save your relationships with your family as well. […]

Episode 043: What the hell is Business Leverage and why your family cares.

In episode 43, we talk about how to leverage the people and resources in your life to get the most out of your business without having to work yourself to the bone. Not only will you feel less ragged and burnt out, but your family will appreciate the extra time they get with you. What […]

Episode 024 – 4 Steps to successfully outsourcing work without sacrificing quality or your family.

In episode 24, I talk about how to outsource the work you don’t want to do, shouldn’t be doing, and don’t have time for successfully, which not only will help your business grow and thrive, but will give you back the time with your family you’ve been looking for. Test, test, test. Check out all […]

Episode 020: The things we teach our kids could be destroying their chances of being self employed and also hurting your business success.

In episode 20, we’re going to look the things we could be teaching our children that are leading them down a path of NOT being self-employed, and how this actually also affects our businesses. There are three limitations here, and each of them are things most of us are teaching to our children without realizing […]

Episode 017 – The 3 most devastating costs for taking on horrible clients, especially when you are struggling and need the business.

In episode 17, we talk about how devastating it can be for your business (and yourself) if you take on clients you don’t like. This can be even WORSE for your business when you’re struggling and feel like you “just need someone” until you can make ends meet. You lose time. Clients take time, and […]

Episode 016 – 3 extremely clear ways to know when that task you’re doing should be done by somebody else and what to do about it.

In episode 16, I talk about how being a “Jack of all Trades” may sound like a benefit, but it can really cost your company time and money. While it can be hard, sometimes the best thing for our business is to step back and let someone else handle the tasks we can’t – or […]