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Episode 030: 5 Ways being an Entrepreneur has Made me a Better Parent

In episode 30, we go over the five ways being an entrepreneur has helped me grow not only as a business person, but as a parent as well. These things have changed everything about the way I run my company and the way I interact with my family in the best ways. I understand the […]

Episode 025: 4 Ways to use personality profiling for bettering your business and all your relationships.

In episode 25, we cover one of my favorite topics: personality profiling. I’ve been using personality profiling in my own relationships and business for years, and it’s improved my life immensely. Here are four ways you can use personality profiling to make everything in your life better. Know yourself. Determine what your limitations are so […]

Episode 012: Teaching your kids goals setting by turning it into a game they will never forget.

In episode 12, we go over how to make goal setting a game that’s fun for your kids. Help them learn not only to set goals, but why setting goals can help them achieve more than they ever thought and get what they want. Give them the right start. Help your kids decide what is […]