Episode 054: 5 Real World Project Planning Tips for the Project Planning Impaired.

In episode 54, we cover some great project planning tips that even those of us who are totally impaired at project planning can use to make our lives so much easier.

Create perfect “Project Blocks.”

Find the “sweet spot” where you can get the most done. If your project block is too big, it gets daunting and hard to get done. If you make it too small, it can be hard to prioritize what needs to be done first.

Clear future vs exacting future.

Get the difference between the two: the “clear” future is why you’re doing what you’re doing. The “exacting” future is really specific and difficult to achieve because it locks you into something that you may decide you don’t want.

Avoiding getting lost in to-do lists.

This can make you feel overwhelmed by too many small things that need to get done, can confuse you on your priorities, and makes it hard to decide what will give you the most results.

Remember why you’re doing it.

If you know what’s most important about the project you’re working on, it’s easy to keep yourself not only motivated to get it done, but to remember what it will do for your business and your family to get you what you want.

Reward yourself for every victory

No matter how small the project is, reward yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if it took too long or if it was more difficult than you expected. Make sure you and your family know how hard you worked.

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