Episode 052: 3 Biggest time cesspools in your business that will take from your family

In episode 52, I talk about the biggest time-sinks in business that take you away from your family and what you can do to avoid them.

Dealing with time vampires.

These are the people who just want your attention and keep you around as long as they can. Know when the line is crossed and you’re no longer involved in meaningful interaction and when you’re with someone who tends to take up a lot of your time with useless conversation that takes time away from your work and your family.

Being overly reactive in communicating.

Do you check your email every hour? Do you respond to an email as soon as it comes in? By checking your phone, your emails, and any other communication all the time and immediately responding, you’re losing a ton of time! Turn those alerts off and try checking your email twice a day on the average day to cut this time off and focus on more important tasks.

Misusing your multitasking.

By switching between various tasks – between checking emails or taking calls, working on smaller projects while taking breaks on bigger ones – can really take up your time. Instead, take an hour and a half to really dive into a piece and get it done completely before moving onto the next thing on your to-do list.

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