Episode 050: Q&A 14: Great business education resources, work opportunities to get your family involved, and how to get the life you want if your business won’t quite cut it.

In Episode 50, I talk answer questions from episodes 46 and 48 about business education and how to ensure your business really is the best thing for you and for your family. I also answer some general questions from my followers about parenting advice and inspirations.

How to find business education resources.

I’m always looking for new information. The best way to start is to search for how to do things you aren’t familiar with. There are also free educational materials that lead into bigger webinars, and if you can get involved in groups that help each other in business, that can help a lot.

Avoiding the education overwhelm.

Make sure you’re only getting the most current information so you don’t have to dig through a lot of information. Play around with programs to get familiar with them before you really dig into the nitty gritty details.

Businesses with more opportunity.

Try out other kinds of businesses, like drop shipping or amazon businesses, to free up your time and possibly bring your family into what you’re building.

When your business doesn’t cut it.

It’s not an all or nothing situation. Work on making your existing business something that will get you on the right track, or leverage the business you have now to build the business that gets you what you want.

Check out the episodes we answered questions from about in this one!

  • Episode 46: 3 Real reasons that more education is a must for every business person, especially those who want more for their family.
  • Episode 48: 8 must answer questions that will tell you if the growth of your business is going to support your family and your life.

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