Monthly Archives: September 2015

Episode 054: 5 Real World Project Planning Tips for the Project Planning Impaired.

In episode 54, we cover some great project planning tips that even those of us who are totally impaired at project planning can use to make our lives so much easier. Create perfect “Project Blocks.” Find the “sweet spot” where you can get the most done. If your project block is too big, it gets […]

Episode 053: Q&A 15: Integrating your home and work life, how to adjust when people you love shut down your business, and how to get the best of both worlds in any situation.

In Episode 53, I answer great questions from my interview with Dana and Mark Hatjakes from SOSU TV, as well as amazing questions about how to really get the best of both worlds, such as how to shut down the stream of negative comments when it comes from someone you love and see every day. […]

Episode 052: 3 Biggest time cesspools in your business that will take from your family

In episode 52, I talk about the biggest time-sinks in business that take you away from your family and what you can do to avoid them. Dealing with time vampires. These are the people who just want your attention and keep you around as long as they can. Know when the line is crossed and […]

Episode 051: A close family and a thriving business? 3 must do steps for getting the best of both worlds!

In episode 51, I dig into the meat of why I made this podcast in the first place: three steps you can take to make sure you get the best of both worlds without sacrificing your business for your family or the other way around. Make it a MUST. You have to believe that you […]

Episode 050: Q&A 14: Great business education resources, work opportunities to get your family involved, and how to get the life you want if your business won’t quite cut it.

In Episode 50, I talk answer questions from episodes 46 and 48 about business education and how to ensure your business really is the best thing for you and for your family. I also answer some general questions from my followers about parenting advice and inspirations. How to find business education resources. I’m always looking […]

Episode 049: Interview with Dana and Mark Hatjakes from SOSU TV: The integration, not just balance, of home and work life.

In episode 49, I interview Dana and Mark Hatjakes, who work hard to help other small businesses thrive while building a video production business of their own. Mark and Dana also have two kids and have a lot of great things to say about balancing their career and their family. It’s not balance – it’s […]