Episode 046: 3 Real reasons that more education is a must for every business person, especially those who want more for their family.

In episode 46, I talk about the importance of education in your business, both in how it helps you improve as a business person and take care of your family. Not only will it save you time and money in the long run, but it will help save your relationships with your family as well.

Time Saved.

If you’re learning everything through trial and error, you’re going to take a lot of time and experience a lot of failure. There’s a limit to how much most people can give without getting results, and trying something new without educating yourself first can wear you out.

Money Saved.

If you’re doing something that costs you money (such as running ad campaigns), educating yourself on the best tricks and tactics can save you SO much money. People have figured these systems out and you can take advantage of their knowledge rather than spending your money to test it yourself.

Family Saved.

Education can help you make sense of what you’re doing to your family. You can explain things differently and more completely, and it’s easier to show them a clear direction on where you’re going and why you’re doing it.

How to make this happen.

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