Episode 044: Q&A 12: Finding your calling, being a conscious business owner, and giving gifts without “buying” love.

In episode 44, I answer some great questions from my interview with JV Crum III about how to find your calling and the steps you can take to be a more conscious business owner. I also answer questions about how to talk to your teenagers and how to avoid “buying” your kids’ love when you get them gifts and favors.

Finding your calling.

Every entrepreneur wonders if they’re doing the right thing. Often times, our businesses are “stepping stones” for us to move forward to what our real calling is.

Becoming a conscious business owner.

There are so many nonprofits and movements out there, that it really just comes down to what you want to be involved in and what you like. If your business can donate a little bit of time, money, or recognition, nonprofits would love it.

Getting gifts without buying love.

The concept of buying love has to do with intent. If you’re trying to trade it for something, it feels like buying, but if it’s genuine and just because you care and not because you expect something in return, it feels like you care.

Checking in with teenagers.

Teenagers have a lot going on. A lot of the time they have weird peer pressure to not talk to their parents. I let my kids know that I check in because I want to help guide them, not because I want to control them, setting the stage that checking in is not me trying to be invasive.

Getting the best of both worlds.

If you’re in an industry where it feels like you can’t, look for examples of people in your profession who HAVE balanced their life to get the best of both worlds.

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