Episode 040: 5 Amazing tips I use to keep my family the biggest fans of me and my business.

In episode 40, I talk about how to keep your family the biggest fans of you and your business by sharing your excitement, checking in with them personally, leaving notes and giving gifts, and keeping your family’s goals in your planning.

Share your excitement.

Keep your family involved in the business by sharing what’s exciting you and asking for advice on simple things like logo designs or color schemes. They’ll love and appreciate being involved.

Check in with your family, individually and personally.

By continually taking a few minutes of time to talk to each member of your family individually to ask about their day and show interest in your life, you’re showing them they matter.

Give your family gifts.

This doesn’t have to be expensive, and in fact maybe it shouldn’t be. Little things like picking up your kid’s favorite candy bar when you’re in the checkout line at the store show them you’re always thinking about them.

Leave little notes.

Similarly, little notes in kids’ lunches or on the mirror for your wife in the morning show them that they matter and keep your family connected.

Keep family goals.

When you’re goal planning, don’t forget to add family goals into the mix to make sure your family and what they want is always prioritized.

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