038: Q&A 10: Trusting your gut, unlocking the inner optimist, starting a business for the non-business minded, and getting over the fear of failure.

In episode 38, I answer some great questions from our most recent episodes and interviews on what kind of hats parents should and should not wear, how to get the kind of “friends” you want in your life, and explaining a little bit about what a business incubator is and why one may be good for you.

Two kinds of gut check.

There are two kinds of gut check: one where something’s happening now and needs to be addressed immediately, and one where you should give it a little bit of time, wait it out, and get more information before you act.

My definition of “friend.”

I feel like a friend is a particular support group – people who actually supported who you are and see the best in you and you see the best in them. A “friend” in this sense is not necessarily someone you’ve known for a long time or been through difficult situations with.

Starting a business for the non-business-minded.

Build up a team who can really support you, educate yourself whenever you need to, and find a way to fill in the gaps for the information you do not have.

Redefining failure.

Don’t think of it as failing. Many of the things we see as “failure,” you can see as challenge, difficulty, or just a natural part of business.

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