Monthly Archives: July 2015

Episode 024 – 4 Steps to successfully outsourcing work without sacrificing quality or your family.

In episode 24, I talk about how to outsource the work you don’t want to do, shouldn’t be doing, and don’t have time for successfully, which not only will help your business grow and thrive, but will give you back the time with your family you’ve been looking for. Test, test, test. Check out all […]

Episode 023: Q&A 6 – Passions into business, how we ask our kids to be perfect, and knowing how to prioritize.

In Episode 23, we answer some awesome questions from the last few weeks, particularly about how to teach our kids to be confident without being cocky, how to manage and prioritize your family and business, and how to handle a client you hate that your partners may not want to get rid of. Make money […]

Episode 022 – Interview with Chris Shaffer, Part 2 – How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Today.

In episode 22, I finish off the interview with Chris Shaffer, my go-to guy for all things Amazon, with a ton of great information about how you can start selling on Amazon today. Chris has done this for several companies, from break-out brands to huge products with massive audiences. Private label versus retail arbitrage. With […]