Episode 034: Interview with Keri Lehmann of SavvyBoheme.com: be genuine, find motivation within, and rest.

In Episode 34, I interview Keri Lehmann, a self-employed parent who runs a skin-care product business, Savvy Boheme, while wrangling three amazing kids. Learn more about Keri’s biggest wins as a parent, as a business owner, and what she does to take care of herself in the midst of it all.

Running business for the non-business minded.

Keri knows what it’s like first-hand to start a business when you aren’t a business minded person. Business itself was a challenge, but her gut instinct drove her forward.

Winning at business.

One of the biggest wins Keri’s had as a business owner? When her friends bought her products on their own. Another? Moving to a larger space to up her business game.

Raise your kids to capture their hearts.

Keri believes in raising your kids to capture their hearts – where they listen and act well not because they “have” to but because they choose to.

I love.

Keri is inspired by her love – her love of beauty, of her children, and of the moment.

How to reach Keri.

Find Keri and her products at www.savvyboheme.com or on social media as Savvy Boheme. Additionally, feel free to stop by the foundry and the showroom in Midlothian TX Monday through Friday!

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