Episode 032: Q&A 9: Keeping kids from picking up your bad habits, how to defeat self defeat so your kids don’t pick it up, and a few more awesome toys our listeners love.

In Episode 32, I answer a couple of great questions about how to keep your kids from picking up your bad habits, such as snacking and self defeat, and some general questions about sourcing and custom work. I also talk about some cool suggestions our listeners had about fun toys to bring in to enhance the time you spend with your family.

Managing the bad snack habit.

This is a unique problem to every family. Maybe the kids have too much access to unhealthy foods, even if you eat well. Try talking to your kids like they’re adults to help them understand the consequences of bad food without talking down to them.

Defeating self defeat.

The best thing to teach your kids is that you mess up, too. Show them your consequences, what you’re working on, and make them a part of the solution. Help them help you adapt your behavior.

Family toys our listeners love.

People love these!

  • Bubble Machine.
  • Tabletop Ping Pong Set
  • Water Balloon Slingshots
  • Picnic Backpack

More on outsourcing.

Eliminate the fear of jumping into something new. Take off the burden to realize you’re doing the right thing. Find a small project to outsource to get your feet wet.

Getting started with custom goods.

I’m not currently in this business – does anyone in the audience know how to go about selling custom made jewelry or clothing? Let me know!

In this episode, we answered questions from…

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