Episode 031: 3 Toxic People you Must Avoid to Protect your Business and your Family. Keep your business and your family happy and healthy by not allowing these people in your space.

In episode 31, I talk about something a little hard for some of us to do but critically important to keeping our businesses and our families happy and healthy. These three kinds of people usually cause more harm than good in our lives and should be limited to make sure we’re successful – both as business owners and as parents.

The Pessimist

This person will kill motivation – theirs and yours. They see the world as unrelenting and horrible, and they want you to see it from their perspective. Note: many of them hide behind the phrase, “I’m just a realist,” but sometimes, these “realists” are really just negative people.

The Egotist

These people are so caught up in how they’re perceived that they will do whatever it takes to make themselves look good – even if they aren’t doing anything valuable at all. They do this in business and in personal relationships, essentially becoming unreliable.

The Drama Queen

Note: it’s not just the people who create drama, it’s the people who can create drama out of seemingly nothing. Managing this person or dealing with all the things they want to obsess over can drag you down. It creates a lot of anxiety and stress you don’t need.

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