Episode 030: 5 Ways being an Entrepreneur has Made me a Better Parent

In episode 30, we go over the five ways being an entrepreneur has helped me grow not only as a business person, but as a parent as well. These things have changed everything about the way I run my company and the way I interact with my family in the best ways.

I understand the value of time.

When you’re “always busy” and never have a lot of time to spare, you really appreciate the time you DO get. The quality of the time I get with my family is amazing and I don’t take it for granted.

I’m used to making difficult decisions.

Entrepreneurs make difficult decisions all the time that affect the lives of all of the people around us. I’ve learned how to not freak out about decisions and how to handle them well and quickly.

I know when to trust my gut.

Sometimes we have to ignore the “rulebook” for owning a business, which is essentially trusting ourselves when something feels off. Parenting is the same way. No rulebook will prepare us from everything and sometimes we need to trust our gut feelings about our kids.

I know when NOT to trust my gut.

On the flip side, your gut may not have the timing right. Remember to balance the gut feelings with what’s going on around you. The context around your can change your reactions, even if your gut is spot on.

I can wear many hats simultaneously.

The only place I’ve had to wear as many hats as I do in my business is as a parent. In both roles, you have to be several things all at once: a friend, a teacher, a disciplinarian, a confidant, a mentor… and many more.

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