Episode 028: 3 amazing toys every busy parent should have that may even make up for your long hours at work.

In episode 28, I take a break from the serious topics to tell you about six awesome toys I really love and that I think you’ll love, too. I wanted to play with my kids more, and these were awesome ways to do that without having to break out the dolls or action figures. The best part? These were a way for me to spend QUALITY time with my family.

Lightahead® LED Projector Strobe flash Holographic Disco party Lighting Light Mini Portable Voice-activated Version

This is an experience-toy, where it gives our family a fun experience to remember together. This thing is awesome. Consider this: sneak it into your kid’s room to surprise them with a fun, new experience.

Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine

Another experience toy – the fog machine! This makes a great surprise, too, and is awesome for Halloween and other memorable events. Transform your home and their space into something really amazing.

LED Light up Balloons 20 Mixed color Party Pack

The final experience toy is the LED light up balloon. This adds a cool twist to something kids already love. The balloons glow from the inside. Fill a dark room with glowing balloons and have a blast!

Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

The balance board is an activity toy. It gives you guys a cool, fun, exercise activity you can do together, and it’s a ton of fun. My kids absolutely love this thing.

Trademark Innovations Metal Disc Frisbee Golf Goal Set with 6 Discs

This is a great activity to enjoy with your family. Golf isn’t necessarily fun for kids, but frisbee golf is awesome. This is a great way to spend time with your family outside. Set one up in your own yard or take your discs out to a course!

Xbox One + Kinect

Finally, this is a video game, but also an activity. The Kinect is a ton of fun and gets you and your whole family up and moving instead of sitting down with controllers in your hands.

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