Episode 027: Monkey see monkey do: How the things you are doing because of work are giving your kids the wrong message.

In episode 27, we talk about how our kids pick up on what we say and do automatically, which means we may find them displaying unwanted behavior they learned by watching us. Here are four things we may be misleading our children about.

Family is most important

We all say this, but a lot of the time we spend way more time working than we do spending time with our families. Instead, remind them that time does not determine value and that the reason you work is so you can enable your family to get to spend more awesome, quality time together.

Eat healthy

When we’re busy, we tend to let ourselves slip on our healthy diets. Our kids watch us eat junk food while we tell them to eat their vegetables. Instead, find healthier snacks for yourself and explain to your kids what the costs are for you not eating well.

Don’t lie

We ruin this every time we make up an excuse about why we can’t make it somewhere, or when we tell them to tell the people at the phone we’re not home. It’s your prerogative to explain these to your kids to help them see what’s going on.

Don’t throw tantrums

Ranting about your job or a client is basically the same thing. When they see you get angry and unreasonable, they think it’s okay for them to do it, too. Find a way to make your rants constructive instead of just irrational.

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