Episode 026: Q&A 7: Selling on Amazon without writing or photo skills, while working a 9 – 5 job, and how to select the right category for you.

In episode 26, we bring Chris Shaffer back to answer some of your questions about selling on Amazon. He covers how to handle having limited skills in writing and photography, how to set up a store without a lot of time, product varieties, and categories.

Check out Chris’s interview!

Before you go on, you may want to listen to the interview with Chris in episodes 21 and 22!

When in doubt, outsource.

Having high quality photos and copy on Amazon is important. If you’re in doubt about your skills, outsource. Check out freelancing sites to get these things done.

Focus on selling variants.

While many competitors sell a lot of different variations, focus your time on selling the variants you know that sell. Additionally, you can also try to sell the variant that stands out the most.

Build your products on each other.

Amazon is built to sell as much as possible to as many people as possible. If your products are closely related and in the same category, you have an increased chance of upselling from one product to another.

Check out The Amazing Seller podcast. Chris works with Scott and all the information is available for free on his podcast. Additionally, there’s a class for people who want to privately sell on Amazon.

If you want to contact Chris, check out the Amazing Seller Facebook Group and tag him @Chris Shaffer.

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