Episode 023: Q&A 6 – Passions into business, how we ask our kids to be perfect, and knowing how to prioritize.

In Episode 23, we answer some awesome questions from the last few weeks, particularly about how to teach our kids to be confident without being cocky, how to manage and prioritize your family and business, and how to handle a client you hate that your partners may not want to get rid of.

Make money doing what you love.

Figure out what you want from your business, and work around those parameters to build a business out of your passions. Start off by finding an entry piece that other companies aren’t doing, offer that at a price they can’t turn away from, to build your clientele and trustability.

Compliment your kids on things they’ve done.

Focus on building your kids up about their own personal accomplishments. Show them that what they do, not just who they are, is amazing.

Your personal choices determine your priority sort.

What do you actually want to do in life? Prioritize things to get you closer to the life you want.

Handling bad clients when your partner wants to keep them.

Work it out with your partner where you don’t have to deal with the client as much as your partner does. Or, make a milestone agreement with your partner to drop the client when your business reaches a certain point. Today we answered questions from these episodes:

  1. Episode 20: The things we teach our kids could be destroying their chances of being self employed and also hurting your business success.
  2. Episode 19: The number one way to prioritize your kids and still crush it in business.
  3. Episode 17: The 3 most devastating costs for taking on horrible clients, especially when you are struggling and need the business.

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