Episode 022 – Interview with Chris Shaffer, Part 2 – How To Get Started Selling On Amazon Today.

In episode 22, I finish off the interview with Chris Shaffer, my go-to guy for all things Amazon, with a ton of great information about how you can start selling on Amazon today. Chris has done this for several companies, from break-out brands to huge products with massive audiences.

Private label versus retail arbitrage.

With private labeling, while more expensive, you have a little more security and don’t have to go into retail stores every week to find the items you need to sell.

What products to sell.

For private label, you want a product that can sell around 10 items a day for around 10 dollars in profit. Smaller products work better, as Amazon won’t charge you more for warehousing.

Sourcing products for Amazon.

There are several sourcing avenues you can use, from national or international sources. The interview covers how to do that, what sources are best, and how to select the right one for you.

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