Episode 021 – Interview with Chris Shaffer, Part 1 – Why All Entrepreneurs Should Be Selling On Amazon.

In Episode 21, we begin our first interview with Chris Shaffer, my business partner and manager of our Amazon business. Chris will go over why we should be selling on Amazon, which products are best for Amazon, how to sell on Amazon when you don’t have any experience with online sales, and what the future of Amazon actually looks like.

About Chris

Chris has been selling on Amazon for over a year. He worked with ecommerce consulting with small and large brands, from new product launches to multi-billion dollar brands in the ecommerce space. His experience began in digital ads and public relations and as he grew, he started working with small, physical product businesses.

Why Amazon?

Amazon is a unique beast for physical product sales. Amazon has mastered bringing in traffic and making people convert. Conversion rates are 2 – 3 times higher than on other ecommerce sites. It’s also really easy to launch a store on Amazon. By launching on Amazon, you can start seeing sales on the first day.

What resources should you use for selling on Amazon?

Check out The Amazing Seller podcast. Chris works with Scott and all the information is available for free on his podcast. Additionally, there’s a class for people who want to privately sell on Amazon.

If you want to contact Chris, check out the Amazing Seller Facebook Group and tag him @Chris Shaffer.

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