Episode 020: The things we teach our kids could be destroying their chances of being self employed and also hurting your business success.

In episode 20, we’re going to look the things we could be teaching our children that are leading them down a path of NOT being self-employed, and how this actually also affects our businesses. There are three limitations here, and each of them are things most of us are teaching to our children without realizing how damaging they are.

Limit One: Everything must be perfect.

By insisting everything is perfect (grades, the clean room, and others) we’re teaching our kids not only to push themselves too hard for unreasonable standards, but that maybe they don’t deserve it.

Limit Two: Do whatever anyone says to do.

On some level, by saying yes to everyone and doing whatever people tell you to do, you limit yourself and stop yourself from growing. By teaching your kids not to say no, you’re making them afraid of letting anyone else down.

Limit Three: Always be humble.

It’s hard to take a lot of pride in yourself at the beginning, but if you’re too humble all the time and don’t say positive things about yourself, your clients won’t see your value, either. If you teach your kids not to take pride in themselves and what they’re good at, people in their life won’t always see their value, either.

What to do instead…

  1. Teach your children to always strive to be better – but NOT to be perfect.
  2. Teach your children to say no and make educated decisions on what to do in a situation.
  3. Teach your children to take pride in themselves and praise themselves without being cocky.

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