Episode 019: The number one way to prioritize your kids and still crush it in business.

In episode 19, we cover the hard-learned lesson that being busy does NOT equal being successful. By answering every phone call and filling up my time with busy work, I was taking away from not only my family, but from my business, too.

Prioritize your business tasks.

If you make sure all your task items (business AND personal) are prioritized based on what will have the most effect on your life, your business, and your relationships with your family.

Realize what is taking away from your family.

You can find out what tasks are actually damaging your business and your family, and get rid of those things!

List, list, list.

Write everything you get to do to get to where you want in your life: Everything you want to accomplish for yourself, your family, and your business.

Then create a list of must-completes – the things you absolutely MUST do to move forward in your life.

Finally… stick to your list!

Finish your list first and foremost – before you make calls, send emails, or take any walk-ins! This goes for your business AND your family!

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