Episode 017 – The 3 most devastating costs for taking on horrible clients, especially when you are struggling and need the business.

In episode 17, we talk about how devastating it can be for your business (and yourself) if you take on clients you don’t like. This can be even WORSE for your business when you’re struggling and feel like you “just need someone” until you can make ends meet.

You lose time.

Clients take time, and when you spend a lot of time working with someone you don’t like, it drains you. Even when you come home at the end of the day, that’s less energy you have to spend time with your family.

You lose opportunities.

If you’re swamped working with a client, it’s going to be hard to find more clients. It’s even worse when that client is awful. You’re emotionally drained and looking for a new client will seem even more difficult than if you didn’t have a client at all – or if you at least had a client you liked.

You lose happiness.

All that draining I’m talking about – it’s your happiness. You’ll be less happy at work and therefore less happy in the rest of your life. You get more done when you’re happy at work, and you bring happiness home if you’re happy at work.

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