Episode 016 – 3 extremely clear ways to know when that task you’re doing should be done by somebody else and what to do about it.

In episode 16, I talk about how being a “Jack of all Trades” may sound like a benefit, but it can really cost your company time and money. While it can be hard, sometimes the best thing for our business is to step back and let someone else handle the tasks we can’t – or shouldn’t – do. These are three clear ways to tell if you’re working on something you shouldn’t be doing.

You’re not that great at it.

Sometimes we try to do things we technically know how to do, but we’re not that great at it. It can take hours of training to be good enough at a new skill to be able to utilize it in your company.

It’s costing you too much time.

Some tedious, day-to-day tasks end up costing you time you could be spending doing something dollar productive. This includes things like shopping – buy online and get things delivered to free up time you waste in the store!

Someone’s already getting paid to do it.

Redoing work someone else is already getting paid to do because they aren’t getting it up to the standard you want is a waste of your time. Talk to them and get clear instructions set for what you expect and push them to step up.

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