Episode 014: 3 reasons you must leave the stress of work at the door to take care of yourself, your family, and your business.

In Episode 14, we cover the 3 big reasons you need to leave stress at the door when you come home after work. There’s a delicate balance between sharing your business and bringing negative feelings home at the end of the day, and without knowing that balance, you could be scaring your family.

You want to share – not scare – with your family.

Our family may not be used to the stressors at work. You may know it’s going to be okay, but when you vent to your family, they don’t know that. Instead of just sharing with them what’s going on, you’re scaring them that you’re hurting.

You don’t want to lose quality family time.

When you’re pushing hours more and more, you can still have an amazing family with amazing family time. When you come home and bring home the stress, you’re stealing that high quality time from yourself.

Sharing the full emotional intensity isn’t necessary or helpful.

You can share with them without giving them the full emotional intensity. You can help them slowly see what’s going on without needing any of the pain or worry.

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