Episode 013: Q&A 4: Goal setting with older kids and limited time, finding job security for yourself, and making your own time.

In Episode 13, I answer questions from episodes 11 and 12. We cover a bit more about goal setting in particular situations with your children, how being self-employed actually offers more job security than the standard alternative, and my secret to opening up my time while running a business.

Goal setting with older kids or kids you only see part-time.

Older kids are more influenced by peer groups and hormonal changes, and they start to want privacy, but knowing what they’re interested in and what they want to accomplish can help anyone at any age. As for kids you only see part time, focus more on building a solid relationship and the rest will follow.

Why being self employed has more job security.

I’ll cover this more in a later episode, but the gist of it is this: you make your own decisions and grow your business as quickly or as slowly as you want. You’re not limited by a corporate ladder.

My secret to finding more time as a self employed parent.

Three things: choose ventures that open your time, work with amazing people, and recognize the difference between having more time and having flexible time.

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