Episode 011: 10 amazing things a self employed parent can do that others can’t.

In this episode, I go over some of the often-forgotten benefits to being a self employed parent, from your flexible schedule to the fact that you’re your own boss. Even though it can be a real challenge, it’s important we remember the great gifts being a self employed parent gives us and our families.

You are in charge of your own schedule.

That means you can make it to that important ball game or school play! It also means you get to take vacations when you want to and run errands when you need to,

You are your own boss.

You answer to yourself and yourself alone. You also have control over who you work with – so that way you know you like your coworkers and clients.

You are only limited by yourself.

It’s up to you how quickly you grow, how much money you make, and how secure your job is. No more relying on other people.

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