Episode 010: Cutting ties and hiring the right people, starting a business on a bootstrap budget, and living a busy lifestyle.

In episode 10, I answer questions about how to distance yourself from clients who bring you down without causing drama, how you can start up a business even if you are short on cash, and why you shouldn’t confuse being busy with being successful.

Cutting ties without leaving hard feelings.

The way you word it is crucial. Make sure they know it isn’t a problem with their expectations. In the future, handle this in hiring so you don’t have to do this again down the line.

Building a business on little money.

There are dozens of opportunities for you to start a business that don’t require a lot of capital up front (drop shipping, for example) that you can start in your spare time while working your 9 to 5.

What if you don’t need “you” time.

A lot of entrepreneurs confuse being busy with being successful. If you really love being busy all the time, great! But make sure you really don’t need time for you.

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