Episode 007: The Art of Knowing When (and Why) You need You Time

Why taking time to yourself is critically important to balancing your family and your business.

In episode seven, I talk about something a lot of us don’t have much of anymore: time to ourselves. This episode covers why it’s so important for us to get downtime, how we can know when we need to take some time to ourselves, and how to do it when it feels like we’re up to our ears in work appointments and kids’ baseball games.

How to know when it’s time to take a “me” break.

The hardest part about getting time to ourselves is knowing when we really NEED it and not just want it. There are a few triggers to keep an eye out for: when you feel like you’re accomplishing nothing even though you’re spending just as much time (if not more) on a task; when you’re interrupting your own work with distracting thoughts; and when you’re stressed out.

Why do you need to take time for yourself anyway?

Taking time to yourself gives you a bunch of great benefits. Not only do you have the time to think through what you really want out of your life and your business, which will help make sure you make positive decisions and don’t become destructive to your business and family, but it also shows that you are a part of the family you’re working so hard to take care of.

Tricks to getting “you time” in a busy business world.

There are a few things you can do to make sure you get some one on one time with yourself, such as moving your schedule, setting appointments for you and you alone, and treating yourself to rewards when you complete certain business tasks.

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