Episode 04: 360 reviews, not just a way to tell your boss he sucks

In episode 4, we discuss how using a 360 review – where you let your children review your work as a parent – can not only help you improve as a mother or father but can also help you build a trust-based, communication-based relationship with your children.

Be patient.

It will take time for your kids to open up and tell you what they really feel. They don’t want to hurt your feelings! Just be patient and keep working at it.

Give your kids a safe environment.

Make sure your kids know they’re safe to tell you how they feel. Don’t punish them or make it a horrible experience, or they’ll never open up.

Don’t guide their answers.

Give your kids the time to tell you what they really feel instead of just saying what they think you want to hear.

Reward honesty – even if it hurts.

It may be hard to hear what they think sometimes, but make sure your kids are rewarded for being honest with you and telling you what they want to change.

Make the change.

Do what you can to show your kids you are actively listening to their suggestions and trying to be a better parent for them.

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