Episode 03: 5 Scheduling tips that will show your kids they are a priority

In episode 3, we talk about managing family time and how to make sure your kids get the attention they need from you without it affecting your work. We talk about making and breaking promises and why you need to take time for you.

Schedule time with your kids.

Add time with your kids to your schedule and make sure you don’t miss it. Treat it like an appointment and show them they’re a priority.

Utilize net time.

Talk to your kids on the drive to school or any other net time you have available. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll connect to them.

Have “no work” times.

Make sure you take time to yourself and not to work. A few hours around dinner can really help you connect to your family and give you a breather.

Keep promises – or don’t make them.

Kids are really vulnerable to broken promises. Don’t make any promise you don’t know you can keep.

Always make up for broken promises.

But if something does happen, make sure to make up for the broken promise to mend that injury.

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