Monthly Archives: May 2015

Episode 010: Cutting ties and hiring the right people, starting a business on a bootstrap budget, and living a busy lifestyle.

In episode 10, I answer questions about how to distance yourself from clients who bring you down without causing drama, how you can start up a business even if you are short on cash, and why you shouldn’t confuse being busy with being successful. Cutting ties without leaving hard feelings. The way you word it […]

Episode 009: What the heck is a meeting? And other business concepts that mean nothing to your kids.

How to talk to your kids about work responsibilities in a way they understand.

Episode 008: Q&A 2 – Taking care of yourself, evaluating the costs of a bad employee, and a bit more on 360 reviews.

In episode 8, I answer some important questions from viewers about how to tell when you’re getting stressed, how to manage a bad employee who desperately needs the job, and what you can do to help your family understand and support your need for time to yourself. I also go into managing a schedule and […]

Episode 007: The Art of Knowing When (and Why) You need You Time

Why taking time to yourself is critically important to balancing your family and your business. In episode seven, I talk about something a lot of us don’t have much of anymore: time to ourselves. This episode covers why it’s so important for us to get downtime, how we can know when we need to take […]

Episode 006: 3 Key Business Realizations That Freed Me From The Shackles of Endless Work Hours Away From My Family

The tricks I wish I’d known earlier to help move my business forward without robbing me of my family time. In episode six, I reveal the three major realizations I had that helped me break free from my 70 hour work weeks so I could spend more quality time with my family. The big secret? […]

Episode 005: Q&A – Prioritizing family time, connecting your dreams, and how to talk to your kids about work.

In episode 5, I answer questions about how to find time for our families inside of 60-hour work weeks, how to really tie your dreams to your family’s dreams, and how to talk to your kids about why you do the things you do. In this episode, I tackle a few questions… About Balancing Work […]

Episode 04: 360 reviews, not just a way to tell your boss he sucks

In episode 4, we discuss how using a 360 review – where you let your children review your work as a parent – can not only help you improve as a mother or father but can also help you build a trust-based, communication-based relationship with your children. Be patient. It will take time for your […]

Episode 03: 5 Scheduling tips that will show your kids they are a priority

In episode 3, we talk about managing family time and how to make sure your kids get the attention they need from you without it affecting your work. We talk about making and breaking promises and why you need to take time for you. Schedule time with your kids. Add time with your kids to […]

Episode 02: How to let your family be part of your dreams

In episode 2, I cover how we can tie our overarching career dreams into our family’s passions and ambitions. Learn how to make your children understand the reasons you go to work and how it benefits them and their dreams. Let your family be part of your dreams. Make sure they know what you want, […]

Episode 01: What Its All About and The Beginning Of My Transformation From Business Cliche To Amazing Parent

Learn what Self Employed Parent is all about and discover what led me to the place I’m at now: from a struggling startup owner with no time for his family to a thriving, multi-business entrepreneur who never misses a game. What is the Self Employed Parent all about? In the Self Employed Parent, I’m going […]